Relocation Service

RelocationAt TPHlogistics , you´ll find we lend a supporting hand when you move out of your old home and into your new one. We are there to help the whole family settle in to their new home and neighborhood, leaving you free to fully concentrate on your job. As part of our service, we organize the following:

  • finding a house or flat according to your specific needs and requirements
  • providing detailed information on schools and education establishments
  • advising on medical facilities such as doctors, dentists and hospitals
  • recommending cultural events and the location of social amenities such as leisure and sports clubs
  • letting you know where the best shopping facilities and restaurants are in town
  • And when everything is sorted and you would like to invite your new friends and colleagues to a house-warming party, we´ll even organize that for you too!

Your family - the main Factor for Success in a new Country

Having a happy family around you is often the deciding factor on you being a contented expatriate. Knowing your family is happy and settled will have a positive effect on you, enabling you to perform your best at work. That is why the well-being of your family is a top priority for us and why we pay particular attention to their comfort and needs. Once your wife has found her feet and has taken up her hobbies again and when the children are accustomed to their new life, you know you have all taken a huge step in adapting to your new life in a new country.